These Words
Let's talk a little bit about... Matrix. I've heard many people discussing that the Matrix could be real, and we would never have a clue of what is going on under our noses. I think it's bullshit. The "idea" of revolting against an idylic system is distant from our reality. We're facing a much worst reality. One in which the enemy is not a "machine" or a "program" but ourselves, human beings. And humanity has let it go too wild and too far.

The enemy is able to push a button and desintegrate a city. The enemy is able through measures of control to destroy the economy of a country. The enemy is able to smile and pretend he's a friend, not a foe. And then you'll remember you asked for his vote. Remember these words.
This is the very first scream of this blog. We are on the edge of a revolution. Not the Tech' Revolution, but the Digital Revolution. And now the cradle of this new age is coming to be a dictatorial state, dressed in blue, red and white. With stars across its flag, the United States of America are falling into a dark age of ignorance, prejudice and hatred. Spread these words.
Just to startle the fire: Bush = Hitler

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